Why Haven’t I Done This By Now?

So I just happened across a post about a spatter guard and asked myself the same question. Why in the world have I never used one of those? I actually have one in my house. It is hanging in my clothes closet with earrings poked into it. I thought it was a clever way to hang all my jewelry and keep it untangled. Which, obviously, it is. But why didn’t I buy two and use one for its intended purpose?

I seriously do not know.

I hate with a passion cleaning up my stove top. I try not to fry food because it always makes such a mess.

I cook bacon on a sheet pan in the oven.

I get out my electric skillet and put it on my kitchen island when I am forced to fry. The clean up is easier on a completely flat island top versus all the nooks and crannies of a stovetop.



My husband loves fried green tomatoes. We have them all the time in the summer. But we cook them outside on a nifty little gas-fired wok that he built eons ago. Frying is for outside, if at all possible, in my world.

I know one thing. My mom never used a splatter guard/screen. Believe me, cleaning is not something I learned from my mom. I can say that because she says it actually with almost pride. Hate. To. Clean. So I guess I can blame her. But now that I know better and I can do better, I will.

First purchase after the snow storm: splatter screen. Wheeeee!


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