What’s More Joyful Than Coconut?

I try new recipes almost every day. While there are times when I want to just make what I know how to make, most days I want to at least add something new in the mix. I do not apologize. I don’t have a reason except I want to. This is vexing to my husband who has favorites that he doesn’t like to see pushed to the recesses of memory. So our process is him writing down a favorite on a post-it note and sticking on my pantry wall. Then I remember to keep his faves in the rotation. He reminded me recently that I had not made Coconut Macaroons for him in too long. Lucky for him, I had stumbled across this delicious photo and decided to test a new recipe for his favorite flavored cookie.


I mean, come on! How long can you resist that picture, let alone the actual cookie on your counter?

I will say these came out chewy and sweet and almost-decadent. I crown it a success. (The reason I say almost-decadent is because if it was really decadent I would have only been able to eat one…)

So I do recommend this recipe, these are company-worthy, even holiday-worthy and practically fail-proof, here’s how:

  • Please beat the egg whites to almost stiff before adding the rest of the stuff. Her directions here are not detailed and she just says to stir it all together. Flumoxxing to me after making these for so many years. The airiness and lift are from beaten egg whites, so please beat first, fold in remaining ingredients next. Do not stir. FOLD in so you do not deflate your beaten whites.
  • I’m not sure about her measurements in the ingredient list. It says 6 cups coconut and 14 oz. in parenthesis. I used two 7 oz. bags and it completely incorporated into the liquids without any seeping edges. The bags say they measure 2 1/2 cups, so something is off here. Just know, my two small bags worked.
  • She puts two almonds in hers, I think one is sufficient. It’s up to you, go without too. I mean they aren’t really “almond joys” so go for the flavor you prefer. I used Marcona almonds cuz they were on the shelf and actually I prefer their not so hard texture. Go with your favorite too.
  • I dipped half my cookies and left the other half naked. We liked that so we could alternate. The chocolate bottoms are a bit sloppy and melt on your fingers, so if you alternate, you can lick your fingers less often.
  • Store these at room temp or they will get gummy.
  • Make these on a low humidity day. Humidity is the enemy of beaten egg whites.
  • Down side is this only takes half a can of sweetened condensed milk. So you can double the recipe or you can figure out something to do with your leftovers. Here are a few ideas of which the pork skewers and the dulce de leche are my faves. (What do you do with leftover sweetened condensed milk? Tell me in the comments.)

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