Whatcha Eatin’ This Weekend?

I am constantly thinking about the next meal. I can’t help it. I love to eat and I love to make what I eat.

My talented mom whipped up my favorite birthday meal of chicken and dumplings, green beans, and hot rolls. What comfort. And no cake for me. I take after her in not preferring cake over most other desserts…although I never turn down any dessert. But on my day, I choose floating island. (Stand by for a post on that soon.)

Many of mom’s recipes after raising 5 kids are in her head versus on an old 3 X 5. I’ve copied many from her funny little recipe box over the years.

But, in the case of pancakes, that is something that isn’t written down. For this one, even my little sister can quote it out without looking. She even whipped them up on a trip to my other sister’s once, no recipe card needed. I remember a teenage friend there trying to help hearing a panicked yelp from my mom as he attempted to beat out the lumps. That is a strict no-no! Use a light hand, just stir till combined. Lumps are actually preferable here.

So I’ve said before that weekends are for breakfast and thought this perfect to get you ready for tomorrow. Pancakes are the best and my mom really cornered that one with her recipe. Don’t know where she got it. And I rebelled for years by using Amy Vanderbilt’s with the stiffly beaten egg whites folded in gently. But this just always does it, and simply.

Try for yourself…I don’t put an egg on top like my dad did, but it’s an enduring memory that always pops in my head when I’m sitting down to a plate of these beauties.

Oh, and they’re perfect for dinner if you’re in the “breakfast for dinner” camp!

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