What I Hate is Not What You Think


This times 10… arrrgggghh!

I ran across this article this morning and had to read it but for reasons that the headline writer probably did not shoot for. It’s called: How to plan the right amount of food for a dinner party

The writer starts out with a story that every hostess has lived or worried about: last minute guests and not enough food. Blah, blah, blah.

Sheesh. There are so many ways to add more food or alleviate this problem. My issue is the opposite, so I was looking for reverse help.

Seriously, the thing I hate about dinner parties, especially big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas is that there is way too much food.

What happens to me is that I make much more than the people could possibly eat. I mean, I love to cook. These times are opportunities to bring out big platters of everything, to make multiple dishes, to celebrate abundance and spoil my guests.

But then after everyone has gone by and nibbled across the buffet, I have to figure out what to do with all these bits and pieces. Eek. I hate dealing with leftovers. Especially when I want to be enjoying my guests. It is literally the thing I resent most about any gathering I give.

I seriously need help putting on the brakes. I need help making fewer dishes and making fewer servings per dish. Don’t peel another potato! (Okay, one time I did run out of mashed potatoes, but I am sure it was because there were 5 teenage boys in the room who would have devoured all the potatoes even if I had peeled 6 more. There were mounds of other types of food left even if the potato dish was scraped clean.)

Help me. What are your secrets? How do you keep all those partial dishes of food from spoiling your party?


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