Weekends are for Breakfast

When the need to catch the bus or get to the office is removed, I am in favor of cooking breakfast. On weekdays it is just not going to happen.

So when Saturday and Sunday roll around, the ultimate luxury for me is to make and eat breakfast. Jammies are optional, but why in the world would I get dressed just to cook breakfast?

When I have time to fuss and lounge, I want to make Eggs Benedict. It’s a complete time and space hog and I would never make it on a weekday or for a crowd. This is a take-your-time make it for 2 or if you are really skilled 4, but no more.

It’s a wonderful skill builder too. Not to mention project management. You’ve got to grill ham, toast muffins, poach eggs, and make hollandaise sauce. None of those things really keeps after it’s made, so you have to schedule out what to prep but not cook and what to cook and when to start the next thing. A table-setting assistant is a big plus – hubby does great at this and toasting the muffins.

I started out with my trusty red and white gingham Better Homes and Garden cookbook recipe. And it does a fine job with the fundamental skills. Pioneer Woman has a nice march through the steps so you know what to do when.

I prefer doing the sauce right when I put the eggs in to cook rather than after – that way the sauce is hot and the eggs are hot at about the same time and ready to eat!

I also prefer just bacon instead of Canadian Bacon…plus, I always have bacon and the latter requires a shopping trip: boo. Additionally, CB requires a knife, but regular bacon will go down with a fork.

As far as the eggs, I consider a perfectly poached egg absolute bliss and a sign of an accomplished cook. I will say that the poaching insert is my tool of choice versus a plain pan of water, but there is still skill involved to get them cooked just right without a slimy white or a firm yolk. It’s a dance, an eggy dance.

And who doesn’t like hollandaise? Please! Whoever invented it should be on the one dollar bill IMHO. I’m with Ree on the blender version, nobody needs to sweat over a double boiler. Even James Beard used the blender version, and that’s good enough for me. Not sure about Julia Child, but James trumps Julia most days in my kitchen. (More on him tomorrow.)

So, flex your muscles this weekend while you have the leisure. I’ll be doing the same, while sipping on a mimosa, of course.

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