Use Your Knife


It’s easy to walk down the same aisles at the grocery store to buy the same products week after week, and not realize what you could be missing.

There are several dishes that I make that use a whole chicken, cut up chicken, that is. Years ago, you could buy a chicken cut up with the skin and bones still there. But I realized I had not been buying that because nobody sells them that way anymore. We all buy skinless chicken breasts, usually frozen, for everything.

I kind of hate that. I prefer to buy a fresh chicken and use it in a day or two. It’s even tastier if I buy it at the farmer’s market and cook it that day!

So I realized this forced rut I’d been put into and decided to rebel. I can still buy a whole chicken, AND it is much cheaper per pound than the already cut up and packaged pieces, so I am going to do just that. Now I will have plenty of bones and backs for stock if I want it and I will pay less and I will have better tasting chicken that hasn’t been sitting in the freezer for weeks and months.

Well, let me tell you it is not hard to cut up a chicken, however it is daunting the first time or two. But I challenge you, address that bird with your favorite knife and own it.

I even found an entertaining and instructive video to walk me through it. My advice is look at his knife. That was the key for me; not to use my big chef knife or my vegetable paring knife, but to root around in the knife drawer and find this nice little stiff butchering knife. Oh yeah, and dry the thing off; nothing worse that a drippy slippery chicken.

I did it! You can too! I double dog dare you.


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