Trifle from Dry Cake

The proverbial making lemonade from lemons came true in my kitchen this week.

I was trying out this new recipe for Toasted Coconut Pound Cake. Obviously has to be good, right? Well not if you bake it too long. I don’t know what the deal was, but at 50 minutes my toothpick came out with wet batter, I mean wet! So I set the timer for 10 more minutes and then checked again. Better, but still pretty sticky. So 5 more minutes. When I cut into the cake after it was completely cooled, I knew immediately that I had over-baked it. Sigh. We cut in in half and had a slice from the center where it was moistest. But I still had most of my cake left there jeering at me for my ineptitude. Waaaaaa.


Oh, by the way, that center slice was really, really good. I am glad that I added half coconut flavoring and half vanilla. Go ahead and make it if you love coconut and pound cakes like we do. Just don’t overbake it. And probably use a glass pan versus a dark metal pan. When will I learn?

Back to my dry cake though. I came across a recipe for a killer banana cake with a banana curd filling. Eureka! That would make an excellent “tropical” sort of trifle!

So I made the curd (I kinda hate that word, but pudding is too pedestrian these days I guess.) The curd is really good and can be eaten on its own so of course it made a presence at breakfast the next day. I cubed up some of my dry cake and dropped into little ramekins, layering with the curd and then waited. It really only sat about 4 hours and in the small size, that was plenty. By dinnertime, they were all set and boy were we glad to gobble down dessert this time!

oops, I forgot to take a picture of it with the whipped cream on top!

oops, I forgot to take a picture of it with the whipped cream on top!

So here are all the recipes you can try parts of and combine like I did or file away for a rainy day when you have a dry cake you need to resurrect. Also, some thoughts on each one:

Toasted Coconut Pound Cake

  • Don’t overbake! This browns up but the center takes its time, so don’t use a smallish pan or a metal pan. Maybe drop the oven temp 10 degrees and then the extra 10 minutes would work out.
  • I halved up the flavorings with coconut and vanilla and think it was a good call. You could actually go a full teaspoon of each. Or not.
  • Definitely toast the coconut to get the most flavor out of it.

Banana Curd

  • I left 1/4 cup of the sugar out of this and it was plenty sweet.
  • Be sure to really blend this baby to make it creamy. Hit the button one more time to be sure.

Banana Cake

  • I’m leaving this recipe in the list because it uses the curd, but you have to follow the link to actually get to the curd.
  • I like the idea of this cake, but any recipe that tells me to put dowels in to keep it together is a danger zone and so I am not going to even try this.

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