Toppings Make It Superb

Have you noticed that a chef never just gives you a plain bowl of soup, or a slice of pie? The soup at least has a drizzle of olive oil, if not more and the pie has some whipped cream with a little cookie tucked in the side.

I think the first time I really noticed this was when I was doing it myself. I ran across a fabulous Celery soup which is absolutely nothing without the sourdough croutons and tarragon swirl. You can’t simply stir them into the soup. No. You must plate the soup in the bowl, then drizzle with the yogurt sauce and sprinkle with the croutons. Sublime. Try this soup; it’s a perfect meatless Monday entree and uses just a smidge of cream which is also completely optional.

My other point here is not that soup needs toppings, but that you should make your own croutons. Don’t go buy a box of croutons. That is quite ridiculous. They don’t even taste good. Trust me. Do a test. Make your own and then taste a boxed one. Not even in the same league. So flavor, above all is the winner. But you can also feel good that you didn’t have a loaf of bread go moldy and end up in the trash. Toss those loaves in the freezer to be rescued one day soon and become croutons or bread crumbs, both of which are regularly needed in a working kitchen and both of which you can do any day of the week with ease. (I just realized bread pudding and dressing/stuffing are also candidates for said “old” bread.)

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