To Buy or Not To Buy


I am usually opposed to superfluous tools in the kitchen. I, of course, deem what is superfluous and what is not. But basically, I think about how often things are used, how much storage space they require, how difficult they are to clean, and if I can do as well a job with something on hand.

I keep seeing these dishes with pretty little curly green onion shreds on top. And inexplicably, I want that. Oh sure, I can use my knife skills and cut those tiny shards, but this cute little tool is inexpensive, small in stature and does a wonderful job. Plus, I am finding all sorts of times to use it. It is not only with asian-themed entrees. I used it to top my Crawfish Etoufee’, I used it to top deviled eggs, I used it on Green Chicken Curry, and on top of Tamales and Eggs. Happily little crunchy oniony bits go with quite a bit and so I am recommending this little cutie for your kitchen drawer.

Here’s my video on how to use it:

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