Sweet Gifts

It’s so nice to have homemade gifts to give to party hostesses or the various short-notice adds to your gift list this season.

I love to make caramel sauce. It’s quite unexpected and oh so yummy!

Practice this on a cool weekend afternoon when you have a bit of time you can watch them and not feel stressed about crystallizing or burning. You can whip them up days and days ahead because they keep forever in the fridge and then you’ll have several at the ready. Plus, they’re rather unique…nobody expects them like the proverbial bottle of wine.  Oh yes, and EVERYBODY loves them. Finally, there are plenty of leftover drips for a bit to treat the cook!

Here are my two faves:

The first is with bourbon, so is for only adults and not your tea-totaler recipients: Caramel Bourbon Vanilla Sauce. (I will admit that I just stir in vanilla extract at the end instead of the vanilla bean…Martha, Martha, Martha; but suit yourself).

This second is rated G, just plain ole caramel: Caramel Sauce

Try either. You’ll be so proud of yourself for successfully stirring up such deliciousness! And your sauce recipients will adore you.



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