Sunday Breakfast


Hello winter! The blizzard of 2016 grounded my flight, so I got to stay home yesterday.

Consequences have reworked my schedule and so I fully intend to make the most of it. Yay, hot tub and mimosas are back on. Obviously time to cook breakfast so we must have waffles.

I have been wanting to try this recipe for raised waffles for some time.

It really is worth your effort. You have to think ahead and stir up the start of the batter the night before. Then just leave it on the counter to raise. In the morning add in the eggs and baking soda and then fire up the waffle iron.

Waffles are a special treat. I actually have to be in the mood. But thinking about it the day before built the anticipation. Why these are worth the effort is that wondrous taste and smell of yeast. I cannot even resist yeast. It is the smell of life. So now, this light and fluffy plus crispy treat has that life smell added. They’re a wonderful affirmation that you did the right thing.

Make plans, clip the recipe, make sure you have yeast on the shelf and do this one. It is a great start to a weekend day.

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