Squeeze the Last Bit of Summer

I nabbed this wonderfully bright little salad, Parsley Salad with Toasted Almonds and Lemon, off an episode of Heartland Table a year or so ago and still quite happy to make and eat it. (I think it needs a cooler name though… comment if you have any ideas.)

It’s reminiscent of Tabouli, which I adore, because the main ingredient is parsely. But it’s so much easier to make because the rest of the ingredient list is stuff you already have on hand. I do have to stop on my way home to grab a couple bunches of parsley when I’m in a mood to make it, but I always have rice, lemons, and almonds hanging around.

You can easily make a half recipe of this. Cilantro is a reasonable extender if you are short on parsley, but I don’t like it with all cilantro, just the mix.

It is very fresh tasting and sort of summery because of the fresh parsley. The beauty is that you can get fresh parsley and fresh lemons year round and this salad brightens up a soup supper, a roast beast supper, a sandwich lunch, anytime, just any time.

Kudos to Amy for a brilliant put together.

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