Simplicity is Best

I can’t help it and I bet you can’t either: trying a famous person’s signature recipe. How marvelous that I happened across this simple, comforting, dish of Louis Armstrong’s: Ham Hocks and Red Beans

As you read it you realize that it’s going to taste good, that it’s gonna make you feel good, and that you can do it because there’s nothing complicated at all including the ingredients.

If you’re clever, you’ll realize that you can drop it all in the crock pot before work and come home to dinner. Put some rice on and cornbread and you’re done.

Salute delicious and simple food. There is nothing wrong with making dinner out of your pantry/freezer. There is nothing wrong with making an old, old recipe. There is nothing wrong with making something with ingredients that your mom and grandma used. It is even refreshing that there is no kale, no truffle oil, no blood oranges required. Oh yes, and no canned soup or premixed flavorings.

Now, you may not have a pod pepper, but how about some dried peppers or cayenne? You may be shy a ham hock, but how about some bacon or any leftover ham, even turkey or some long ago frozen chunk of smoked meat? I bet you can sub even the beans… pintos would be nice even if not New Orleans authentic.

Here’s to being thrifty, tasty, and healthy. Cuz you do realize every time you cook for yourself, you’re doing the healthful thing? Your whole foods are absent the levels of fat, salt, and sugar that every restaurant will sneak in.

Thank you Louis. It is a Wonderful World.

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