Salad for Spring and Summer

I fell in love with hearts of palm a long time ago and not only their taste but their price makes them a special treat (sorry, these are kind of pricey.) They are very mild flavored and have a mildly crisp texture. And they are just so good. They are such a different deliciousness on the tongue.

So, getting the special ingredient is the problem to be solved. I found that Costco sells a twin pack of jars that are twice the size of the grocery store can which antes up to half the price per ounce. But you will have half a jar left after you make your salad and have to hurry up and use the rest within 2 weeks or so. Oh darn! Not a problem for me. I also found that if you have an Asian market, the price per ounce is way, way, way cheaper there than at your standard grocery, so give that a shot to.

That said, try this Palm Heart Salad recipe because it tastes like summer and spring and vacation and pampering. And it’s probably really good for you.

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