Restaurant Supplies

I married a man who is serious about his tools. His favorite excursion is the Big Tool Store or even the aisles of any hardware store. He does not buy junk either. He has the very best hammer, highest-volt cordless drill, every hand tool I’ve ever heard of, files of every size and style, every grit size of sandpaper, trowels and bins, the right kind of rag and cleaners and sharpeners. What he knows is that his work will turn out better and with less cursing and bruised thumbnails if he has good quality tools that are made for the job in question.

He has made it his mission to make sure my kitchen is stocked appropriately too because I really really love to cook. And he really really loves to eat what I cook, so he is invested in it happening.

I had never even thought of shopping at a restaurant supply store before. I didn’t even know I was allowed to shop there, but it turns out there are no guards at the door, and no membership cards required. They have the best tools ever, and the biggest bonus of all is that the prices are crazy low. Stop shopping the big box and boutique kitchen stores and find all the restaurant supply houses in your area.

Epicurious posted a great list to get you thinking and drooling. I concur that these are all essentials. Go there now and find out what else you’ve been missing. I am hoping for one of those cutie steel Y-peelers and a quarter sheet pan for my birthday this year…

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