Quick & Satisfying Dinner

I really love to cook, but sometimes I am not in the mood to decide what to cook. I just really want to eat!

Scouring through the fridge to find what to put together usually reminds me of things that need to be eaten or tempts me with something I want to eat. And then other times, nothing.

In my back pocket is Warm Bacon and Egg Salad though. Because I always have eggs, usually have bacon and usually have some sort of green in the bin. Plus, it’s easy to whip up, it’s fast and it tastes really good. Satisfying, yet light enough for hot days or right before you know you are going to bed. (Disclosure: I only use this recipe as a guideline…if I have bread and want to spend the time for croutons, I will make them, otherwise no biggy. I never use arugula – just whatever I have. But the bacon grease as a dressing starter is savvy and ties everything together splendidly. Chives? Please.)

I stumbled upon a British recipe recently that is quite similar called Fried Egg Milanese that uses a thin chicken tenderloin instead of the bacon. It was hilarious because the ingredient list calls for “chicken escalopes” and I had to Google what that was. For your information, it is a very continental way of saying a thin piece of chicken. So you could do this with the chicken filets in your freezer too. The simplicity here is quite attractive.

More genius, is the simplicity of using chile oil to dress it, and then if you cook your egg with enough run in the yolk, you’ll have a lush dressing that you mix up as you devour. Brilliant!

Do keep this in mind and customize to your taste either way with bacon or chicken or no meat either. The British recipe crazily omits salt, but don’t forget it; please salt your greens or you’ll be fiendishly shaking after you get to the table. Use whatever green you have on hand or that you prefer and don’t let the ingredient list intimidate you. And keep in mind that you have to keep your fridge stocked with the three essentials for this really quick and delicious breakfast, lunch, supper, or post-clubbing meal.


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