Quick and Easy Soup Supper

I know it’s warming up and soup might sound like the wrong food for supper, but this isn’t your mother’s soup. Just think hot supper and you will be fine. Some rice, some shrimp, some spice, good.

This is similar to take-out from your favorite corner Thai place. The beauty is that it is easy to prepare and quickly goes together for any weeknight.

Easy Thai Shrimp Soup is really made to tweak based on what you have on hand and how hot you like it. Oh, and it is easily cut in half for a dinner for two and no pesky leftovers.

Here are my revisions:

  • I did not think that the red bell pepper was particularly necessary, and in fact turned an entirely different direction by using green beans. Grab a handful of fresh if you can, you only need about a cup or so. Frozen will work fine here too.
  • Since it’s Thai, I had to add more heat. The curry paste is obviously great, but I also minced up some red chili I had in the vegetable drawer and then tossed that on raw at serving to add the heat and the crunch that this soup needs. Jalapeno will work if that’s what you have.
  • If you have leftover rice in the fridge, this is a great way to use. I like to put a scoop in the bowl and then ladle the soup over just like my Thai place does.

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