Pretend with Canned Peaches

Here in Kansas in the spring every day is a surprise. It’s always windy. A surprise would be no wind. Sigh. But the temps are crazy volatile. One day it will be 80 degrees and then a day or two later it will be in the 50’s. We might wake up to snow on the ground and it will be melted by mid afternoon. It’s always tempting to get that flower bed raked and get those tomato plants in the ground. And usually I have to replace some poor little seedlings that just couldn’t handle the cold nights and super-windy days.

But one way to celebrate the warming of the weather that won’t end in dismay is a canned fruit cobbler. Specifically, a Deep South Dish Winter Peach Cobbler.

I know! You can’t believe I said that. It sounds completely out of character.

So, yeah, when the fruit is ripening naturally in the sun and is oh so flavorful and juicy, I am all about eating it and not adulterating it at all. But right now when nature is tempting me with warm temperatures, a fruit cobbler is what I need.

So I baked up this fabulous little cobbler with canned peaches, yes, canned peaches. And I must say that the reward was wondrous. Obviously, this August when the peaches are ripening on the trees and I can eat several out of hand to enjoy their sweetness and freshness and juiciness down the chin, I will be in nirvana. And fresh peaches in my cobbler is best. But for now, these bake up pretty darn good. They hint at what is to come.

Oh, and the other benefit of this little cobbler is I don’t feel one tiny bit guilty eating it for breakfast! I mean, fruit, bread, butter, all good ways to start the day.

This really is easy and yummy, so give it a try. I suppose if you have some blackberries or blueberries in your freezer you can sub those up, but I just got done cleaning out my freezer and only had a can of peaches on the shelf and I am so glad that I did!

It’s pretty darn ugly before you put it in the oven:


But look how fab it looks after baking:



And looks are not deceiving. It’s just the right sweet and fruit to crust ratio. And that little sprinkle of sugar before baking creates a crispity crunch that contrast so nicely with the soft fruit and a spill of cream on top.

Deep South lady does a great job at directions and even tells you how to double the batch. My oven and pan needed about 5 more minutes to reach that golden brown… don’t rush, it needs that crisping up. Be sure to use self-rising flour, and if you don’t have that, here is the recipe to make your own out of all purpose flour.

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