Potluck Gem

We attended a potluck barbecue the other night and even though the ribs were sublime, this salad was the hit of dinner for me. I went back twice for refills on it. Wow is this good.

It’s called Kale and Quinoa Salad. It was crunchy and salty and sweet. Oh my, I want to have some more right now. Just a great accompaniment to any meal or a meal in itself, obviously.

For the kale, once you chop it and I chop it pretty fine, put the dressing on and then get in there with your hands and mash it all really good. This is called massaging the kale and it removes the bitterness that this green tends to have when eaten fresh. Then add all the rest of the stuff. The cook this week added the zest of her lemon in the dressing, toasted her almonds (subbed instead of the pecans), and subbed dried cranberries for the currants – all good calls, it was perfect.

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