Party Dip


With some revisions, this turns out to be a great dip to take to a Superbowl party. If you are hosting, or if you are going and contributing, this dip is really really simple to throw together and eliminates the mess of actual chicken wings: Buffalo Chicken dip.

I did the first half of the recipe and then stopped. I don’t understand why you would want to put powdered onion or garlic salt in here. It is plenty salty and flavorful, so just omit that, you know you don’t need that in there. And it certainly does not need any more cheese (mozzeralla? wth?). I loved the blue cheese flavor and it takes a very small amount to get where you’re going. It tasted really really authentic. And no mess at all.

Be sure to add the green onion garnish, then serve it with chips, celery sticks, whatever. It’s a winner.


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