Paloma is My New Favorite

I ran across a recipe for a “better tequila drink” the other day and I must agree. Better than a margarita. And so easy to mix at home. It is called a Paloma. Basically a grapefruit juice and tequila drink. It is so light and refreshing that it is a wonderful option for the warmer weather.

I am a grapefruit juice fan already, but my husband is not. He is not afraid to try anything though, so he agreed to a full serving. He loved it and agreed it is sooooooo much better than an margarita. Not so sweet and tart. Just the right amount of citrusy taste and the tequila is not obvious. The splash of club soda lightens it up.

The lime juice and sugar take the bitter off the grapefruit so it is just right. I will admit that I did not fresh squeeze the grapefruit since I keep it in the fridge at all times (I said I am a fan, didn’t you believe me?) Otherwise, I was true to the recipe. For prep, I just put the club soda in the glasses, then put everything else into a cocktail shaker and mixed it good and hard, then poured it into the salt-rimmed glasses and gave a stir to incorporate the waiting club soda. Delicious!

Give it a try if you are daring enough to want a better tequila drink.

btw – here is a link to a really good appetizer called Goat Cheese Tartlets with Fig-Balsamic Compote. I admit, I just used some fig/jalapeno jelly I had in the pantry for the topping, but the puff pastry shells filled with goat cheese are divine. (And if you are averse to goat cheese, you can totally sub regular ole cream cheese.) Pop some of your favorite preserves on top and you’ve got a great bite to go with your Paloma!


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