Orange You Going to Have a Salad?

A sale on navel oranges was a perfect reason to grab a bag and think up ways to use besides out of hand in my lunch sack.

I think one of the best spring salads is simply greens and orange segments. It’s fresh and light and hints at upcoming summer days. You can dress with oily or creamy dressing; it’s really very amicable to other flavors and textures. I like to keep the salad with just those ingredients and then mix up how I dress it. Sometimes a nice light lemon and oil vinaigrette, others a creamy blue cheese, even wasabi pairs well.

If you just peel the orange and drop the sections atop your lettuce, you won’t have the juicy tooth-ready bits. They’ll resist your bite because they’re enclosed in membrane. But if you trim off the membrane, you’ll have pure pulp. It’s juicy and chewable. And, if you trim your orange over your salad greens, then you get the added bonus of the juice to moisten your salad.

Watch the video above for the technique and then give it a try. You won’t be great the first time you try, but you’ll get the hang of it. It is a bit like doing a manicure. Make sure your knife is sharp and has a flexible blade.


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