Oh, How I Love a Souffle


I forgot to take the photo BEFORE we ate.

I’ll admit, it is one of the times that my husband humors me. He eats and appreciates as much as he can, but he knows this night when I crave a cheese souffle for dinner he is paying for all the heavy pork or fried potatoes that I prepare because they are more his preference. He is adorable in his ability to put up with what he doesn’t prefer while waiting for what he does.

But I digress.

I was lucky enough to see an episode of The Chew today while Carla prepared her Cheddar Grits Souffle. (I’ll admit that she and Clinton are why I suffer the others.) I think she is by far the most approachable and entertaining of the bunch, not to mention that she cooks food that real people can make and find delicious. I must give substantial kudos to her today. Her strength is usually desserts. This souffle is genius. And now my husband is a fan of souffles!

The grits add the substance that a plain egg cannot muster. It was like a very very light version of grits; not a heavy souffle. The grits can handle the cheese without it getting goopy and slimey; instead, they hold up and allow the cheese’s sharpness to delight. Her recipe calls for a Tomato Gravy, which to me sounds sublime, but I thought I was pushing his limits with a souffle, so served it sans gravy and instead his favorite Shrimp sauteed in Jalapeno Jelly. The jalapeno heat went really well with the souffle.

Last month while I was in North Carolina, I bought a couple of bags of grits. Unfortunately, here in Kansas, grits are relegated to a finer grind produced by the guy in the quaker hat. It’ll do, but I must say, I am glad that I snuck these past the TSA; they are just the right coarseness and homey-ness. Do what you can to get a stone-ground or otherwise genuine coarsely ground grit.

Then give this dish a try. It’s really comforting and delicious. Works well for dinner, but I am already looking forward to the scrap I saved back to reheat for my breakfast tomorrow. It would do well at a brunch or lunch as well.

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