My Absolute Favorite Cookie


I’m not sure where my mom got this recipe, whether a cookbook or a magazine or the newspaper, but I copied it off onto an index card before I left home 36 years ago and have made it every Christmas, Valentine’s, or just-because day since then. The original makes a jam of strained apricots baby food, but I started subbing apricot preserves eons ago – so much easier, not too runny, and tastes fab. Of course, if you are a strawberry or raspberry fan, knock yourself out. Apricot is better though. Hahaha.

It’s called a Golden Thumbprint. I kid you not. There seriously is no better cookie.

Here are all the reasons I love this cookie and obviously the recipe:

  • Taste: it’s buttery and jammy and just the right softness, tastes good the day it’s made and every day after even if just sitting on a plate on the counter. To tell the truth, these babies don’t sit longer than 3 days in our house, but I have complete confidence in their staying power.
  • No refrigeration required! Let me say this again, NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED. Ugh! I curse every time I want to make a cookie and it says to mix it up and then put it in the fridge overnight. Come on! Who can plan and wait for that? (I will do that for my second favorite cookie the Chocolate Crinkle, but that is a serious demerit to that recipe.) Anyway, I digress, you just mix up these babies and start baking. Eating and “mmm-mmm-mmm-ing” shall quickly ensue.
  • Looks more beautiful than anything else on the table. Trust me, I have taken these to every get-together of import these past 36 years and it is prettier and more quickly consumed than any other treat there. Ah, speaking of beauty bonus: since it is covered in chopped nuts you don’t have to fight the kids for these, they steer away and grab the hideous frosted sugars! Plenty for us adults.

Tips about the technique:

  • About softened butter: your mixer will do quite a bit of work, but start with softened even if not room temp, by making a little warming hut for it. Microwave a glass bowl or drinking glass with a little water in it, remove the water, and invert the bowl over the stick of butter for about 2 minutes.
  • I use a wooden honey dipper to make my indents – it is the perfect tool for this cookie, that is literally all I use it for. That cute little wooden ball on the end of the handle is the perfect size to place your indention into the cookie and create a bowl for your jam. So rummage through your kitchen tool drawer and find your honey dipper or something with a round end, I’d say it’s about 5/8″ at it’s widest. A soft-boiled egg spoon could work, but the dowel with knob takes less finesse.
  • You might notice on the original it uses margarine which I haven’t used for over 10 years. My sister swears by it to keep cookies moist, but like I said, they don’t stick around long enough to get hard here, so butter it is. Suit yourself.

Enjoy with my compliments!

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