Meatless Monday


This recipe for Leek, Potato, and Asparagus soup happily found itself in my rotation for something to try for Meatless Monday.

Bonus: uses pantry supplies I already had! (I love asparagus so always have a bag in my freezer, which also qualifies as “pantry”)

Extra Bonus: one pot, seriously. one pot.

I always try to make a recipe the first time just like it’s written. I did that and then I tasted it and here are the changes I made:

  1. Added dried tarragon. It just goes really well with asparagus and I think made the soup more interesting tasting.
  2. Smashed some of the potatoes. This is a very thin soup and I wanted to thicken it up which partially smashing some of the potatoes did the trick.

More ideas: I think you could be just as happy with the onion only and no leeks. Sometimes I don’t have cream but I do have a container of sour cream; you can whisk this into some milk and create your pinch-hitting cream in most any soup. Just be sure to carefully whisk and add to soup off the heat so you don’t get ugly clumps of sour cream in there.


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