Mardi Gras


One of my favorite cajun dishes is Crawfish Etoufee. Recently I noticed crawfish available in my frozen food section. It could’ve been here for years, but somehow I haven’t looked or noticed it, until now. Hooray. Now I don’t have to go to New Orleans to enjoy it.

I find it a totally easy dish to prepare and happily, you could do it on any weeknight. Fat Tuesday being a weeknight might make you cringe thinking of how you could enjoy Jambalaya or Etoufee or beignets. But have no fear, if you can get your hands on the crawfish, it is a doable midweek feast.

I like this recipe except that it is lacking heat which is easy to adjust with your own cayenne or vinegar-based hot sauce. Also, I detest green peppers and substituted red bell peppers with delicious results. The method here is really easy and uses normal pantry items. It’s not fussy and I can imagine a cajun grandma cooking this way so it doesn’t intimidate like a famous chef’s recipe might. The vegetables are tender, the browned flour creates that famous foundation flavor, and of course the crawfish are sublime. Don’t forget the additional fresh green onion at table which improves on the stew texture with that slight crunch.


Be sure to follow the directions to create your dark roux. While the butter and flour are browning, you can easily dice your veggies.


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