Making Hay While the Sun Shines

For some reason my grocery store had a crazy sale on fresh raspberries this week in November for just $1 a package. Since it is my husbands favorite fruit of all time, I obviously have to buy a stack:


Obviously we need to eat as many as possible fresh. But these babies don’t stick around long once they are picked, so I quickly tossed a couple boxes into a freezer container and squirreled them away for future uses. What future uses you say? Well, they make awesome “ice” cubes in champagne. Raspberry sauce is quick and easy to stir up any day of the week, any week of the year to dress up cheesecake, poundcake, chocolate volcano cakes, the tip of your finger, you name it.

Meanwhile, tonight I whipped up some egg whites for meringues. They made a wonderful pavlova dessert (which again, you could do with sauce or whole berries). Yum.


Oh, and since I made the meringues (2 egg whites made 4 shells), now I have 2 yolks standing by yearning to become Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict, here we come! What a bonus. Thanks grocer for the cheap berries.

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