Let Them Eat Pie!


Today is 3/14, also known as Pi day.

Since pie is about my favorite thing in the world, sweet or savory, I need no other excuse to make a pie today.

Seeing as it’s a weekday, pie doesn’t always come to mind, but you really can do it.

Here is a really good main dish recipe for Chicken Pot Pie . If you don’t have any cooked chicken laying around (actually I found some in my freezer clean-out! Yay me.), you can pick up a rotisserie chicken on your way home. It will only take half the chicken.

The beauty of this recipe is that is a basic template that you can easily revise based on what you have.  You can sub almost any precooked meat you have, like roast beef, roast pork, or ham. Or go all veggies and skip the meat.  Same goes with the veggies; the classic calls for peas and carrots, dice up tiny so they cook fast. I always add diced potatoes too. You can add or sub green beans, zucchini, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Use what you have because it’s obviously something that you like.

I like to use ramekins and create individual pies. Any small dish that is oven proof will do. But the bonus for a crust-lover like me is more crust per person than if you make one big pie.

And these go together easily cuz you just put a crust on top and crimp it over the edges so it doesn’t have to be cut out perfectly.

Maybe you want to have a sweet instead of the main dish for your Pi(e) day. Same thing here is just do a top crust on a small dish  for the filling: use cut up apple or frozen berries. Toss with sugar, a bit of cornstarch and cinnamon then dump in the dish, dot with butter and cover with crust. Yum. I hope you have some cream you can whip or some vanilla ice cream in the freezer!

Happy Pi day!



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