Lard makes it Flaky


Months and months ago I saw Amy bake this intriguing pie: Apple Pie with Leaf Lard Crust. And I have searched and searched for some leaf lard so I could make what she promised as the MOST tender, flaky crust ever.

Well of course, being the pie fiend that I am, I had to test the claim. Even my mom spoke longingly of her mother’s lard pie crusts.

But it was nowhere to be found. Don’t be fooled by the hydrogenated lard that every grocer sells.  That is NOT what you want. Anything hydrogenated is a trans fat and is very bad for you.

No, this lard is not hydrogenated and it also is from a specific part of the pig so it doesn’t taste so piggy, which you don’t want in a sweet pie.

I had all but given up when I happened across some online comments and how Whole Foods was now carrying it. Not in my town I am sorry to say. They actually scoffed at me when I asked for it. Cretans.

So I used my Prime membership and ordered it online. Brace yourself, this stuff is expensive. You must be dedicated to the cause, and I was.

It finally arrived and I took the opportunity to use my new baby pie plates to make a half recipe of the crust and 3 little cuties.

O! M! G! It is really the very best ever. That crust has wings it is so light and flaky.

The apple filling is a bit different too, and I like it. The nutmeg only (no cinnamon) had me wondering but I forged on and we were happy about it. I used Granny Smith and Fuji apples and followed all other directions to the letter.

Thanks Amy for a wonderful recipe. I will mete out the lard ever so stingily until I find a more affordable supplier. I highly recommend this if you are in the least bit interested.

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