It Really IS the Best Ever

Whenever I search for recipes online, I put “best” in the title. I am delighted by someone who develops a recipe and has the confidence to name it the best. I figure it filters out the so-so recipes and so far I have been happy. (I guess I will have to go in and rename all my recipes to include “best”).

This cake really does live up to its name of the Best Ever Banana Cake. (Oh, and “ever” is a good add to the title too.) It is very banana-ey. It is so moist. It is tender. Cream cheese frosting needs no explanation. Superb flavor and worth your effort of baking a scratch cake.

So what makes it so best ever? Well, more bananas than most. More eggs. Buttermilk. And an ever so SLOOOOOOOW bake at only 275 degreee followed by a quick stint in the freezer. Genius!

Things to watch out for:

  • Recipe specifies an hour bake. Mine took an hour and 40 minutes. All the comments I read noted that the time was not enough. I think it is best to leave it in there or use the bigger pan, but don’t up the oven temp. That low temp is part of the magic of the moist cake. Don’t make this cake if you are on a schedule. Do this on a day or evening when you have no place to go and can let it bake as long as it needs.
  • I baked mine in a glass pan. After I took it out of the oven I was afraid to put it immediately into the freezer (refer to my horror Tres Leche cake debaucle). If you have a metal pan, consider that. I let mine rest on a rack for about 15 mintues before putting into the freezer to be safe.
  • This baby rises like a champ. A straight up-and-down bite on a fork almost doesn’t fit because it is so tall. And then it has frosting on top of that. Won’t fit in a pan with a lid, requires cling wrap.


  • Husband loved it but asked for nuts next time. Straight away, I chopped up a mess of pecans and pressed on top of the remaining cake’s cream cheese frosting. Really good add around here because we love pecans.
  • I am going to try this in my giant 11″ X 15″ pan next time to cut the bake time and make it fit on a fork. Hahaha.


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