I Want to Go Home

When I am away from home for work and even on vacation, I always long to be at home in my own digs and even the drudgery of preparing my own meals.

This past 4 days I have happily stayed in the home of my sweet sister, her husband, and son. First of all, she is a phenomenal cook.  Second of all, they live in an idyllic oasis that makes me happy to be alive. Wonderful food that is cheated by text descriptions served with love and eaten in the company of loved ones is just, the best.

But it isn’t home. I am far behind her in skill and confidence. And yet, I want to be in my own kitchen with my own utensils stirring up my own dinner. I am not crazy. I love to sample some else’s offering whether it be family or host or professional chef. And then to answer the creativity that it sparks by creating for myself in my own space and serving up to my closest loved ones.

I think that is the best. Experience differences and even improvements on your own, and then regroup in your most comfortable space to comfort yourself with whatever will nourish. I like to think that is the very best thing: to be able to travel and experience something new and different and crown that with a return to home to the familiar and comforting.

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