I Think We’ll Eat Out

Another one bites the dust. Flipping through my stack of recipes to try is a story about a famous 101-Layer Lasagna. Ahh, just what I’ve been waiting to try.

Well, I followed the recipe even though I wondered in the back of my head how eggroll wraps would taste as good as “real” pasta noodles. I got everything set out for the feat of layering sauce, cheese, noodle, bechamel, repeat. I found that my 8″ X 8″ baking dish was the perfect size for the noodles. I followed the directions carefully using pastry brushes to add the sauces rather than the ladle that usually is called for in traditional lasagna.

So it all went together well. I noted that I had about a cup of bechamel left over, so next time I won’t make a 3-cup batch like it called for. Leftover Bolognese is a bonus, no foul there.

Then I baked it.

Then we ate our salads as we let it rest before cutting.

Then we took a bite and found a gummy ball packing between our teeth. I couldn’t even keep chewing it, let alone swallow. Arrgghh!

I don’t know what I did wrong really, but I think the eggroll wraps are partly to blame. But just too much noodle. Needed more sauce. And much less from the noodle contingent.

Well at least we had salad, bread (with Bolognese) and wine. Let’s go out for dessert.

Please comment and help me if you have successfully maneuvered this crazy dish. In the back of my mind I still want it to work. I don’t see myself trying it again too soon though without a lot of moral support.

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