I Love Her & I Hate Her

There are a few names that everybody knows even if they aren’t constantly submerged in the industry. Martha Stewart is one of those. I’ve watched her for 25 years holding a diverse opinions of her as Master and her as crazy Home Ec drill instructor.

She can do anything and do it really really well baking-wise.

But I can’t help roll my eyes at many of her completely anal tactics.

Bake for exactly 8 minutes.”

“Only use wonderful New England stones for your crab boil.”


And yet I still watch. My DVR is set to tape each episode of Martha Bakes. I watch with anticipation of a recipe and technique that will delight both palette and pride. But also I secretly hope she makes a declaration to which I can sneer. Oh Martha, I love you and your principles.

For that reason and my own success with her over the years, I have to try the recipe for Ruffle Milk Pie. I love pie; that has been established. The only dessert I love more is Creme Brûlée. This appears to be a combination of both! Plus, I’ve never ever heard of this delight before.

I apologize for talking about it before I made it. I just haven’t had the chance to make it yet. But the printed recipe is on the top of that stack of recipes in queue for test. I think this pie must be eaten that day. I don’t think it will hold for days as Matt & I nibble at it a piece at a time. So I also have to reserve it for when there will be enough people around to taste it.

Stand by. I’ll let you know if the anticipation was better than the result or if it delights…

Oh, if you are of a mind and try it first, let me know what you think below!


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