How to Make Better Macaroni & Cheese

I’m a fan of comfort food, oh yes indeedy. When we say comfort food, we are usually thinking about what made us feel loved and happy when we were little ones. Sometimes the things that comforted our grade school-age selves needs an update for our more refined and aged tastes.

Macaroni and Cheese is one of those. I am horrified to think of the orange, fake cheese that came on the dish I loved as a child. Yuk. That was fine for then, but not at all now. And that doesn’t mean I abandon the dish. Carbs are so satisfying and comforting.

I might’ve seen Martha make this, but I know I saw it in a Real Simple magazine also. And it has become my go to recipe. Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower.

It amazes me how the addition of that crazy vegetable elevates the casserole. But it does. It adds a volume and texture, a really nice flavor and of course some sorely-missing nutrients.

Here are my recommendations to improve the printed version:

  • Ditch the elbow, seriously. Try some campanelle or orecchiette. It’s much more grown up and hugs the sauce better than those silly elbows.
  • Use good cheese. White cheddar, not orange. And make sure it’s sharp or extra sharp.
  • Sometimes I do a mix of Cheddar and Swiss. This dish can sometimes be dull. It can definitely stand more cheese flavor, so go for it. Get sharp cheddar, even Bleu or Roquefort if you are a fan.
  • Make these in ramekins, 8 oz. or so, versus the big casserole. It means everybody gets more crunchy stuff!

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