Great Autumn Cookie

No, it does not have pumpkin in it.

There are some flavors or textures that go better with cooler weather than warm. This is a cooler weather cookie.

It’s called a Magic in the Middle cookie. And it uses peanut butter and chocolate, your two favorite flavors all in one. This isn’t one of those whip it up, stick in the oven and eat types of cookies. You have to be dedicated to a process and you can’t eat them warm. Yikes, the filling will burn your tongue, please wait for it to cool. If you can stand it and your craving for PB&C is strong, then make these.

The recipe is easy to follow. For some reason, half the time I forget to roll the balls in sugar before baking. Big mistake, as Julia Roberts would say. They really need that extra sweetness and crunch, so don’t skip it. Oh, and don’t overbake these, take them out at 9 minutes or they will be too hard. It’s difficult to tell when a dark brown dough is done, so just trust the rule and take them out. Also, I always have leftover peanut butter filling. If you are a lover of cookie dough and sampling, then this is for you, just don’t sample the chocolate part because that’s the part you have less of. They are best the day they are made; I have found that they don’t really store that well, but most of the time they get eaten up so quickly it is not an issue.

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