Grandma Called it a Ricer

I was rooting around in a bin of my not-used-much but can’t-bear-to-throw-away kitchen gadgets one day and happened across this cute little doohickey that I’d bought for making spaetzle.


It got into the gadget bin because I don’t really like spaetzle that much and it didn’t get used. But I remembered seeing on America’s Test Kitchen using a similar method for potatoes to make fluffier mashed potatoes. Hmmm, I thought, I should try that. I love mashed potatoes, but I really really hate washing up the pot afterward. It seems like the starch welds itself to the sides of the pan with a vigor completely adversarial!

Well, I am sold. I don’t boil potatoes anymore if I can help it. I found that I can microwave whole unpeeled potatoes to tender and then push through my mini-ricer without even peeling them. It works like a charm and the clean up is so minimal. There are two discs that fit in there; one with small holes and one with smaller holes. I am sure I bought it to make spaetzle, but a quick internet search turns up potato ricers by Simplex which are the identical to what I have. I did see some plastic ones for baby food, which I would not recommend just anticipating plastic not being sturdy enough for whole unpeeled potatoes. You can spend $15 – $30. And it may be the type gadget you have to order rather than find on the shelves of your local kitchen shop. Although, you might. And an estate sale would no doubt turn one up as well.

With a big potato, I just cut in in half or thirds, plop it in the chamber and mash. I have a bowl waiting with a few pats of butter and/or cream cheese in the bottom. Rice the potatoes on top to soften up the butter. Then gently fold itĀ all together with a couple splashes of milk.

Try this, you’ll like it.

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