Fried Guilty Pleasure


I made up this recipe years ago for Mexican Eggrolls. I think because I didn’t have any tortillas and wanted to make tostados or tacos. But, I did have some eggroll wrappers in the fridge. Turns out, we love these even more than tostados and also even more than eggrolls with traditional cabbage etc. stuffing.

Are you afraid of rolling eggrolls? It seems like I meet a lot of people who think it is difficult or that they won’t want to try it. But I am here to tell you that it isn’t difficult. Watch my video:

Kind of like putting on a diaper, sealing an intimate valentine… I don’t know, but you can do it, trust me.

Meanwhile, this recipe turns out to be a great main course. And totally customizable… use leftover roast beef, use pork or chicken, add more or less peppers, etc. I know eggrolls sound like appetizers, but these are very substantial, plus you can’t eat just one, so it’s not an appetizer, it’s the full meal deal. I always throw out some lettuce or some rice to go with, but the eggrolls are the reason we’re sitting down.

I really hate frying things cuz it’s just so messy. But I did realize that if I use my electric skillet out on the island, it is less messy. The spatters still come out no matter how low your heat is, but it’s on a smooth wipe-able surface, versus all the nooks and crannies of your stove top. So for whatever it’s worth, I recommend the electric skillet to fry these.

The recipe makes 12 and they reheat in the oven wonderfully. Microwave, not so much because you don’t get that crisp. But I’ve frozen them either fried or unfried and I recommend the fried and then just heat up in the oven.



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