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Pulled this recipe from my “to try” pile last night and so happy I did!

It’s called Chineasy Cucumber Salad; basically a cucumber viniagrette salad.

We were having a hunk of meat and some broccoli rice, but I wanted something fresh and crunchy alongside. This was quite fast and easy to put together. We really loved the bite of heat from the chili oil.

I barely revised it at all:

  • Used clear rice vinegar cuz that’s what I had on the shelf. Recipe calls for Chinkiang which is black rice vinegar
  • Used Dynasty hot chili oil and it calls for Sichuan chili oil (but I think they are the same thing)

  • Put the cilantro in the salad and just saved the peanuts for sprinkling on top at plate
  • Oh, and black sesame seeds cuz that’s what I had and I think they look marvelous

It only calls for 1 tsp. of the chili oil and we found quite hot – and loved that, but if you are less enthusiastic of heat you might go with 1/2 tsp. and then adjust up.

This is a great quick salad with the cool crispiness of cucumber and the genuine taste of a Chinese restaurant. But don’t limit yourself to Asian food; I think it pairs with almost anything.

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