Freezer Cleanup


The other day I found some “fresh” blueberries at the bottom of my freezer drawer and quickly turned them into a pie. So delish.

I decided to return to the scene for any other forgotten treasures and right before my eyes was a re-taped box of puff pastry. Wheee!

Somewhere in the recesses I remembered Ina using this for some pretty simple cookies. Here they are: Palmiers

These were so simple to do and resulted in a really luxurious little delight. Every so often you get the hint of salt in there, so don’t leave it out even though it seems like 1/8 teaspoon couldn’t possibly make a difference. You won’t be disappointed, I promise, they are good warm (as if you could wait), cool, the next day and the next (if they still exist).

I just halved the ingredients and used the one lone sheet in the box. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. As you know, ovens vary so you need to watch them on the turn. The first sheet I cooked exactly to the directions, but the second I left in another 2 minutes and they cooled out much crunchier – I think better.

Oh, and have plenty of spatulas handy, because when you turn them after the first 6 minutes, your spatula is caked with sugar. Just toss it in a tub of water and use another when they are ready to come out.

Okay, I lied. I did not follow exactly. Forgot that I used my silicone sheets instead of parchment paper. They worked beautifully as usual and washed easily ready for their next task. Take your pick. Just make them. So good.

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