Fizzy, Sweet, Tart, Thirst-Quenching, Delicious!

I was visiting my sister a few weeks ago and my brother-in-law stirred up some awesome Cherry Limeades while I was there. Oh my, love, love, love me a cherry limeade. It is always my drink of choice at the Sonic drive-in, and I don’t even care that the cherry sinks to the bottom.

But anyhow, I love the fizz and I love the tart. The cherry just sweetens it up a tad. In the hot months, I really oppose sweet drinks. They just don’t refresh me, so even though I do love a root beer float on occasion and a Dr. Pepper is some kinda guilty pleasure I just can’t completely kick, they are way too sweet for me when it is hot and humid out. So in steps my all-time favorite of the Cherry Limeade.

The best way is to hand squeeze those little tarties, right into your glass and then top with a cherry or black-cherry flavored seltzer. Don’t use cherry soda, cuz it has too much sweet, but the “sparkling water beverage” or “flavored seltzer” has a little sweet, but not too much.

I bought a bag of limes the other day when I was picking up tamales and salsa at my little Mexican market. Boo hiss, when I got them home and couldn’t squeeze a drop out! Aargh, I am all set for a cherry limeade and the limes are not cooperating. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Freezer to the rescue with a can of limeade. I tried it and it worked and I am here to tell you, especially when you’ve got a crowd of cherry limeades to serve up, this is your back-up plan. I simply used the black cherry sparkling water instead of plain water and mixed up 2 quarts just like that, easy-peasy! You can drop in some slices/wedges of lime and/or cherries if you want to make it look pretty.

If you want to make it grown-up, you can slosh in some vodka per glass. Or you can use some of that sour cherry Pucker or schnapps.

This summer when you’re outdoor eating and cooking and entertaining, this is a drink you can turn to again and again, and happily.

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