Easy Autumn Dessert

As my mother would say “I don’t have A sweet tooth, I have 28.” Dinner is just never complete without dessert…especially when it’s cool outside. Try this delicious cake that you can make on any night of the week.

Cranberries are starting to appear in the produce section and this Easy Cranberry Apple Cake is a yummy way to put them to use.

This is easy to put together; bakes in an hour and is perfect as a weeknight dessert since you want to eat it warm. I love how it is not extra sweet; you feel like you are eating something healthy. It does however cry for a bit of whipped cream to keep you from puckering too much.

Ina, my beautiful Contessa, almost never disappoints. However after reading other reviews and test baking, I do have a few edits and suggestions:

  • Omit the cinnamon. I think people are too quick to cinnamonize everything in the fall or with apples. I can’t imagine why this calls for it. I omitted it and the flavor of the fruit sings. Trust me.
  • Don’t use Granny Smith apples. The cranberries are tart. Adding the tartest of apples is asking for trouble. Just use another firm apple, but sweeter. I used Fuji, but Jonathan would also work. Try something with some sweet and don’t dice it too finely.
  • She calls for a 10″ pie plate. I have 7 pie plates and not a one is 10″. I am not sure what is going on here. But I will counsel you to use the deepest pie plate you have or even a cake tin, and put a cookie sheet on the shelf below because it is probably going to overflow. Bad for your oven floor, good for the edges of the cake!
  • Be generous with the sprinkle on top. That sugar makes a crispity-crunchy topping which contrasts perfectly with the soft cake and fruit. She calls for 1 Tablespoon and I say use 2.
  • This was very good the next morning for breakfast, but it shines while warm. For that reason I don’t recommend this as a pot luck dish. Make it and eat it warm and then revel in the bonus you get in the morning with your coffee.

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