Don’t Cut Off Your Finger

One Christmas or Thanksgiving eve I was trying to quickly put together the dressing for the next day. I was chopping onions and celery like a maniac and literally cut the tip off my finger. It still is not completely round because I cut off too much flesh. Duh. If you do much entertaining, you know that frenzied feeling of trying to get everything done and still enjoy your guests. Alas, I just didn’t have very good knife skills.

Back when I was school age, we took Home Economics class. Half the year was cooking and the other half was sewing. I remember in the cooking portion learning how to make bechamel. That is literally something I use almost weekly; good piece of curriculum. But sadly, I can’t remember anything else of import. I certainly am sure that knife skills were not in the curriculum. I just learned it like everyone else: by doing it.

I had some bad habits. But, happily that can be overcome. Now that you’ve probably already gotten your cuts for the holiday season, I am posting these videos. Trust me, there is no learner like a motivated learner. Once you’ve shed blood, you are more attuned to taking advice on how to use the tools.

So seriously, give yourself 30 minutes and watch how to hold a knife and the three major types of cutting. These really are good videos and you’ll be much happier when you are using your tools properly.

How to Hold a Knife

Jamie Oliver’s Knife Skills

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