Does This Seem Summery?

I was looking for a new way to fix shrimp and stumbled across these Shrimp and Grits Fritters.

They were really wonderful.

I can’t give you any revisions to the recipe. It is in need of no change.

I will give you some advice though after noticing that some reviewers had trouble with these and I think it is because they did not use the right ingredients. Corn flour is not cornstarch or corn meal, there is a real thing called Corn Flour, buy this:

Additionally, just start out with one fritter. You know you always flub the first one. Figure out the amount of oil, the level of heat for your pan, the type of spatula etc., and then after you’ve adjusted do a full batch of three or four. I had absolutely no trouble with these falling apart or not turning.

Some of the reviewers were angry Southerners who noted that grits was in the title and not in the recipe ingredient list. Boo hoo. It is inspired by shrimp and grits because of the corn flour and corn taste I suppose. I am not offended by the name and I found the result to be delicious and reminiscent of shrimp and grits, but not the same. If you want to make shrimp and grits though, do that, don’t bitch at this recipe title.

I happened to notice that the date of original publish was in August and it made me wonder if this was a summer dish and I am out of my mind for eating it in February. But, even if I am crazy, I think this is a year-round dish. I finally realized that it used fresh corn, an obviously summer treat. If you can find an ear of corn, go for it, otherwise frozen like I used will still do fine. Oh, and don’t skimp on the jalapeno. That addition is genius.

These really are that good. Give them a try.

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