Company Breakfast

I frequently have house guests, especially during the holidays. I’m not a big breakfast eater except on Sundays and when I have company to feed. After the obligatory pancakes and egg casseroles I’m on the prowl for more creative and delicious ways to eat in the morning.

Along comes cutie Michael Symon with Ricotta Fritters.

These are so delicate and light. And they’re pretty darn easy to make, they can’t be messed up. Free-form fritters are just spoonfuls of batter dropped into hot grease.

I sort of missed the whole Goat’s milk ricotta. I have no idea what that is. I made them with ricotta from the grocery store. And they were practically inhaled.

I will say that the syrup is a little overly fussy. You could use just powdered sugar on these babies. That’s enough. Or you could dip them in maple syrup. Or you can use any jam or preserves; maybe thinned down or heated up to make it syrupy. Or just make his sauce. Not a big deal.

But do try these fritters. They satisfy and impress. Just add some fruit and coffee, maybe some bacon and you’ve got breakfast.

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