Cheffin’ it on a Weeknight

In the movie Julie & Julia, Amy Adams sets out to cook every dish in Julia Child’s cookbook. It’s entertaining mostly, not something I want to do necessarily. However, being able to master a dish of the master is something that sort of thrills me. Bad news is that I am not a fan of Julia’s recipes because they aren’t written for 21st century cooks.

In steps Anne Burrell with an absolutely wonderful rendition of the French classic: Sole Meuniere.

I watched her prepare this one Saturday morning and was determined to master it. It is actually very simple. It is very buttery. I feel very French when I make it. That’s a good thing I must say. I feel very satisfied when I eat it!

Where I live Sole is not so easy to come by, plus, it is always previously frozen. But even with this less than optimal situation, I’ve made it several times and love every fish I’ve tried it on. I think the butter is the trick here, but I’m not saying anything you don’t know. Try to get sole if you can, but I’ve used haddock, perch, even tilapia with blue-ribbon results.

This is not something you cook for a crowd. This is for 2 or 4 people because you quickly saute this little filet and then eat it right away drenched in your sinful butter sauce. It goes wonderfully with a green salad and bread and that’s it. Don’t go crazy with accompaniments, let this cute little filet be the star. Oh, and follow Anne’s instructions to the letter, read through it a few times and do what she says. You will not be disappointed.

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