C’est Bon! Chicken Supper

This is a review of a recipe for weeknight dinner that’s good enough for company.

It is really simple to compose and takes no special tools or skills. Yay.

The grocery store is always having sale on chicken thighs and I really do like their flavor best, but most dishes aren’t fuss free and delicious. Many times you wind up with that thick, sclarpshey, rubbery skin. Eek. And you can easily undercook it.

But then in waltzes Holy Yum Chicken. What a great name. And, obviously, it is just that good.

It takes a humongous amount of mustard, but then everything else is probably in the house. You put it in a screaming hot oven and then leave it be. Since it has a sauce ready in the pan, all you’ve gotta do is prepare a simple starch like rice or noodles. Heck, even couscous would be great and it’s about the fastest thing out there. This doesn’t need a starch if you’re not into that; a bright crisp salad would be very good partner on the plate. The high temp gets the chicken completely cooked through and at least the top skin is rendered out to be crispy and completely edible.

The only thing I did differently was I cooked it in an enameled cast iron pan; which worked like a dream, as always. If you don’t have that, then follow her directions and line your 8X8 baker with foil for easy clean up. The problem with the foil is getting all the sauce out to serve, and you want every last drop of that deliciousness. I did not think that the sauce needed thickening either, but go with your gut and thicken if you think it needs it. Dried rosemary will do, but in case you have a bit of fresh in your kitchen garden or remember to grab in the produce department, you will be rewarded with a brightness that you just can’t get from dried.

She has a fun voice and entertaining instruction on the recipe. Give it a try next time you take advantage of a chicken thigh sale.

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