Can You Go Meatless on Memorial Day?

I really try to go at least one day a week without meat. It is just a thing I have about lightening up on the animal fat and reducing greenhouse gases, and it is usually so easy to do that I don’t even think about it anymore. Kind of like my mom always fried hamburgers on Saturday nights, my best friend’s mom always made meatloaf on Wednesdays, etc., I just don’t cook meat on Mondays. But sometimes Monday falls on a totally meat-eating holiday like Memorial Day and it’s a real pain.

Look, it makes no diff to me, but we usually have company and there would be an all out revolt if there weren’t any brats or burgers or ribs to gnaw on! So, I just usually do a shift and say “tomorrow, I’ll be meatless.”

But just in case you wanna try to toe the line, this little Mediterranean Portobello sandwich is the bomb! (Notice, I DID NOT say hamburger. I have a huge problem with that term. I only use if for meat items. If it is a mushroom, or a ground up bean pattie, I call it pattie, or sandwich. I just have a thing with saying hamburger and then you bite into not-meat. No. Can’t do it.) That all being said, though, this is a really delicious sandwich. Try it any day of the week, whether it’s Monday or a holiday or anything. The grilling makes it smoky and hot and dense, and the Mediterranean toppers are the perfect partners.

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