Buns or Muffins

I just reintroduced myself to skillet fried hamburgers. Read THIS. At home, for a very very long time, when we had hamburgers, they were cooked on the gas grill out on the patio. But I read an article about how great a cast iron skillet is for hamburgers and now I am sold. I forgot about that great crispy, caramelized, crust you can achieve with the hot iron skillet. I did this in the kitchen and am anxious to carry my skillet out to the patio and put it on the grill for another version! Oh, and be sure to follow the advice of getting your pan “ripping hot” so you get that beautiful seared crust on the meat.

But the thing is, hamburgers are not something that I really cook a lot at home. There are so many places, really great places, that make hamburgers, it just is not a thing that I regularly do at home. Along with fish, when there are better options than at home and those options are affordable and conveniently located, I’m gonna choose the restaurant version over me.

And another thing about homemade hamburgers is the buns. I am not at all satisfied with what I can buy at my local supermarket. Typical hamburger buns are so soft and disintegrate so quickly under the weight of a well-dressed burger that they are not at all appetizing. If I’m lucky and shop in the morning, my supermarket bakery will have pretzel buns, which to me are the best invention yet. But, they don’t make many bags of those buns, and they go fast. Kaiser rolls are too big. Ciabatta are too chewy. But then one day I had English Muffins on the counter and decided to give them a burger try. Wheee! That is the exact texture and substance that I’m looking for. They chew and bite easily, and they stand up under the weight of the hot meat and all the condiments I want to pile on. I wish they were a tiny bit bigger around, I will admit, but then, burgers shrink, and seriously, a quarter pound of meat actually fits these little babies well.

So my new favorite combo of a cast-iron skillet fried burger on an English muffin is the bomb.

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