Browning Ground Meat

If you brown ground meat much, you have to get this tool.


It’s made of nylon so is safe on any pan. But it’s rigid so it will cut through firm chunks of ground met. The “blades” at the bottom are surprisingly sharp and really stand up to the pressure you can put on it to start breaking up your meat. I think for beginning cooks or teaching your kids, it is a real star.

You just sort of plunge around on the meat, stir, and scrape and before you know it your meat is crumbled up finely and browning to perfection.

While it isn’t something I will use every day, I am certain I will always reach for it for this task. I even tried it when carmelizing onions and I am sold on this cool tool.

Mine is by Good Cook. I have seen other brands around as cheap as $3 and going up to about $12. So start looking and I bet you will stumble across one that is in your price range.

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