Being Thrifty So It Doesn’t Hurt

I kind of hate the deli drawer. It nicely tucks under a shelf but not down so low like the vegetable crisper so you should notice it and its contents easier. And yet. Yesterday I found a little tub of bleu cheese. And it was moldy. Have you ever seen moldy cheese that is beyond the mold that it is supposed to have? Eeek. I could not get it to the bin too quickly.

It got me thinking about food that I need to rescue before it starts to turn. Especially since I’d just tossed an avocado because when I cut into it I found I had waited too long. Waaaa.

So there is some bread on the counter that is never going to be made into enough sandwiches before it goes. Here are two things:

  1. Dice it into cubes and toss in a bag in the freezer; instant croutons all ready for seasoning and sauteing just when you need them. Stop buying croutons in a box. I mean, honestly.
  2. Toss into the food processor and turn into crumbs. Put them in a bag in the freezer and they will be ready to use in your next loaf or fried delight. Stop buying bread crumbs. Again, honestly.

Meanwhile the lonely banana on the counter is just too freckly. Peel and smoosh it into a bag and plop in the freezer. Ready for banana bread or cake or smoothie.

I also thought I was clever buying those bell peppers that were on sale at the edge of the produce department the other day. Before they go wrinkly, they are tonight’s dinner. Found half a casserole of spinach/rice at the back of the fridge and it combined nicely with some hamburger and pepperoni to fill my peppers.

Wow, do I feel better. Cleaned out the fridge and counter and fortified the freezer. Plus had a meal that didn’t seem like leftovers. Wheee!

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